Healthcare of female doctors is failing in Pakistan

Pakistani female doctors

Pakistan is a nation with a larger percentage of female graduates in the medical and dentistry disciplines, similar to India and Bangladesh. The fact that 70% of these graduates are unable to put what they have learned in medical school into practise, however, is concerning. According to a poll by the Labour Force, just 18 percent of Pakistani women with postgraduate degrees are working, compared to 64 percent of men. Six out of ten of these women are unemployed. When discussing non-practicing women in the healthcare system, most people tend to feel sadness, but it is important to keep in mind that this is not a decision that was taken voluntarily.

In Pakistan, cultural norms and economical factors make it difficult for women to enrol in and continue their education, particularly given the pricey admissions procedure that comes before medical universities. Once enrolled, individuals must get over obstacles like transportation, purchase pricey medical supplies including books, examination equipment, and in my experience, dental materials, in order to graduate without incident. Due to Pakistan’s impoverished healthcare system, students receive limited assistance and facilitation from parent institutions, especially in the public sector.

According to a narrative review titled Doctor Brides that was published in the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association, female trainees thought that having children would prevent them from advancing in their careers because of time restrictions. According to the study, “female doctors also believed that having children would also indicate that other individuals may have bad judgments about them.”

Officials frequently refer to early marriage as the reason for a drop in the number of practising female doctors. Actually, there are many more factors at play. Dr. Zeerak Nadeem, a new graduate from Karachi Medical and Dental College with a bachelor’s degree in dental surgery:

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